Why The Ron Paul Freedom Train?"

For those of us who choose to take the "Red" pill, we are going to have the ride of our lives. There are so many great blogs and so many great activities going on around the nation that I felt a need to do my part to augument them.

I have seen no sites that function as a clearinghouse for volunteers who need lodging and transportation to events so I am attempting to create one.

As this blog progresses, I hope it will also serve to provide "Ron Paul Facts" where people could come to check out Dr. Paul's voting record, his reasons for voting the way he did and thereby giving media sources yet another resourse to access.

I may be living in dreamland, (I have taken the "Red" pill and it is MY reality so that is OK) but I believe Ron Paul can win this race if we all do our part to get the word out there.

So if you happen on this site, please help me help the effort by posting events and offers of transportation and lodging. As I said, I don't want to compete with what more competent people than I are doing. But I do want to do my part.

So get on board the Freedom train and help me arrange food, lodging and transportation for our volunteers!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ron Paul nominated for prestigious award -Vote

This would be great if Ron could win. Vote!!!!!!

I'm new at this so I can't get the link to show up live, but just cut and paste it.


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ron Paul Videos

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Volunteer Projects

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Upcoming Events

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Ron Paul On The Issues

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Please sign the passenger list for the Freedom Train by signing in and becoming a "Diary Partner"

Welcome! Please help me put this diary together! I need help but want to make sure it is done. Buy a ticket by signing up and get on board! Thanks for your help!

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